elega Elega Corporation

The Future Plan for 2024 and Beyond

Moving from Training to Investing and Gaming

Scott Lee, CEO of Elega Corporation here with another important update!

Previously, you saw that the training business for Elega has been on the decline in recent months and we were forced to formulate new plans for the business in order to go forward into an uncertain future. The training business is not over but it is also not likely to grow much in the near future - we intend to maintain every course that is active in Pluralsight's catalogue that we produced, including the new courses that we're finishing up before the end of August 2023.

The revenue generated from the active courses in the catalogue is still pretty vital to our efforts in the near future. These funds, even as they decline, will still make possible many hours of work as we press into the second half of this year and move on into 2024. We had begun a steady pace of investing in renewable energy asset portfolios and have put out a series of sporadic updates to our game, Kalling Kingdom, since its release. We plan to renew the effort toward renewable energy investing and to diversify into purchasing quality stocks of other companies. Doing this, however, does not have a high yield the way having a business producing products can.

However, investing in diversified stocks and alternative assets does provide, realistically, consistent yields that allow more safety and steadiness in the company's cashflow. Given that we have not been able to reach the level of investment we had initially hoped prior to the decline in the training business, though, there is a gap to close. I plan to close this gap by pursuing other opportunities for the company, including potential odd jobs and contracts elsewhere in the software industry as well as self-funding the company investment from my own personal pocket.

This idea of reaching consistent cashflow that funds the company expenses, even while it does not provide significant profitability, is key to being able to carry out new projects that are high risk. I don't need the company to produce massive cash for it to survive, I simply need enough cashflow to keep the lights on. I will begin working on the company's projects for free without a salary (as I did when I created the company back in 2017). For clarity's sake, by the way, I did in fact take a salary for about the past 3 years, and it is sad to report that we will no longer have the ability to hire or keep on staff part-time employees. There are a number of small fees in order to keep the company operating, though, and we will continue our positive relationship with our contracted bookkeeping and tax folks.

We have never had full-time accounting employees, and thanks to the occasional nature of maintaining company tax and bookkeeping requirements, that will bring the company expenses to be primarily software, hardware, office supply, and accounting or tax needs. As long as the investments can cover those expenses, I'll continue operating.

Over the next 6 weeks from the writing of this update, the team members who have been a part of the company for the past couple years are leaving the company and this is becoming the Scott Lee one man show again. On rare occasions, as we turn our focus to the games business, we will try to find moments where we can contract with professionals in the music, art, voice acting, and other game development related fields. As I've said before, too, I will always continue to refer to Elega as we because the folks involved in producing our legacy products and services deserve to be recognized, and I am deeply appreciative of their contributions.

Exciting Plans Ahead

With the somewhat sad and darker news out of the way, allow me to look toward the positive future I still believe Elega has as a company. We have two more Pluralsight courses to release in 2023. They are Apex Academy: SOQL and Working with Databases and Apex Academy: Asynchronous Apex and Going Beyond Triggers. Together, alongside the recently released Apex Academy: Learning to Code with Salesforce Apex, these courses will create a powerful path for the learner who is launching their career in programming while starting with Salesforce.

Until the end of holiday 2023, Kalling Kingdom is expected to receive its final updates, which includes new artwork, stats and attributes on your town citizens, items and resources produced by your town businesses, a new player tutorial mode, and market system enhancements. Kalling Kingdom is also set to receive a brand new gameplay trailer along with its website being totally redone to show off all the work that has gone into the game since 2019.

As we finish Kalling Kingdom and move into Q1 of 2024, I intend to build a new 3D racing game demo as an Elega portfolio piece. This new 3D racing game vertical slice and technical demo will be inspired by other popular futuristic racing series from the past 30 years. The goal is to feature a beautiful art style that takes advantage of modern graphics and push my own current personal skills to their limit.

Sometime within Q2 of 2024 I'll be back to work on our custom 2D game engine and the first game that will be built with that engine: a top down action-adventure and simulation game with visuals inspired by the 16 and 32 bit pixel art styles of the 1990s. This new engine is called the Aperture engine. We will mention a working title for the engine's first game next year.

As far as the Aperture engine goes, I've already started on the engine's rendering, sprite animation, keyboard and controller input, and level loading capabilities. In Q2 of 2024, I expect to be moving on to work on collision & physics, sound, and other aspects of the engine.

You'll also see brand new YouTube videos coming to the Elega Corp YouTube channel, which will mark the first new videos there in over 2 years! I'll be putting together dev logs periodically which document the creation of the new games and Kalling Kingdom's updates.

It's Game Time

When I first started Elega Corporation in 2017, it was actually to create games, not to make courses. It so happened that the training business greatly exceeded my expectations. Now, I will return back to the company's original purpose of producing quality interactive experiences. The primary goal is to have a very sharp focus with our new endeavors.

To recap, here's what we have on our tentative schedule, although these dates and timelines are subject to change based on the needs of the projects: