elega Elega Corporation

Where It All Started

Elega Corporation was created in 2017 with core values centered around: trust, energy, simplicity, learning, and independence. These values translate to the pursuit of truth, science, and having the motivation to always continue.

The company began from me, Scott Lee, and I now refer to the name as "we" because since founding, projects have involved help from a number of others, both employees and contractors, and those ranging from small contributions to very meaningful influences over creative direction. We now have Kalling Kingdom, a turn-based city simulation game with a fantasy setting, our first developed and self-published game, and multiple courses that focus heavily on Salesforce training and technology education available on Pluralsight. You can read about our plans for the future here on the site - instead of pursuing whatever the hot trend in technology is, Elega Corporation is devoted to deeply understanding fundamentals of software. By doing so, we hope to deliver software that is faster, of higher quality, and provides more meaningful functionality than the rest. This means you probably will not see us using the trendy frameworks that just came out last week - but you might notice that our software runs faster than stuff built in those new trendy technologies. We decided to start that effort with this website, which for most users loads any page in under 0.4 seconds.

This is just the beginning, and we thank our customers, course learners, and stakeholders for helping us get here. The journey is still ahead and the future is looking bright.

Scott Lee - Director, CEO

Growing up, I tinkered around with lots of technologies and other aspects of web design, making forays into movie making, videogame modding, music, and other creative media. For almost 4 years in my teens, my dream was to design and release videogames. When it came time to pick a career, I was always a bit uncertain when thinking about computer programming. In fact, my first course was on Visual Basic 6 during one high school summer and I could not stand the stuff.

So, I went on through college and graduated with a double major in Psychology and Sociology from the University of Houston in 2012. I was recruited to work for a small business involved in the litigation support industry. Feeling frustrated with the position I was hired to do, I found myself making phone calls in the equivalent of a call center environment there for the first 6 weeks. The frustration was able to subside when I applied for an opening supervisor position and discovered I was capable of assisting in project management. The staff I was over was at one point around 25 specialists.

Seeking to find ways to continue to stand out and open up other opportunities, I sought to automate away my work day and the work days of others. This lead me back into the world of Visual Basic, writing the first code I had written in 5 years by creating Microsoft Excel macros with Visual Basic for Applications (VBA). Management took notice and thought that perhaps they should let me have a shot at developing for the Salesforce platform.

The rest is history. My career since that time has been firmly grounded in software development. Experience lead to writing C# and VB.NET, working with SQL Server and more advanced integrations. I wrote many thousands of lines of code for Salesforce and created powerful utilities that would yield over $35,000 in annual costs savings in infinite perpetuity. I have since moved on to studying Python, Django, various algorithms used in machine learning, other databases, and many other cutting edge technologies.