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Kalling Kingdom Release Date Delayed to September 21st

To provide the best possible quality for the completed product, Kalling Kingdom's full game launch release date has moved from August 31st to September 21st. Goals for the full launch of the game include an improved user interface to allow for modifying people and their match-up to in-game businesses, relocating businesses, indications for when cash offers to available people are accepted or rejected, achievements, additional settings for gameplay, and the ability to save & reload games.

Whether the goals are 100% complete or not, this will be the last delay before the full release of the game: one of the primary goals behind this project has always been to prove that we can finish something and ship it! That being said, the features described above will be completed no matter what: development will continue until their completion.

Following the full game release, work will begin on optimizing the game for any needed support issues and porting the game to other platforms like Android and Linux. A new website will be launched at some point in the near future as well to allow for additional detail like explorations of the lore, which work began on very early in development and could potentially shape new games set in the same universe.

It is with great excitement that I also announce the release of Kalling Kingdom, v0.25, an alpha release of the game that now includes some of the new features described above in their early renditions: the user interface work for managing people and businesses has begun.

I look forward to revealing additional updates soon.