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Kalling Kingdom Launches with Plans for New Content

Kalling Kingdom is now available in a full release on Itch.io with more bugfixes and new content to come. A fantasy themed, turn-based, city simulation game: Kalling Kingdom is the first game ever to be made commercially available from Elega Corporation. Its development began, in earnest, in early April of this year and the game was released in full yesterday on September 21st, 2019.

The original goals of the project were centered around creating a relaxing experience with simple gameplay interaction but mechanics that drew deep results for the player. In addition, the scope of the project was meant to be kept small enough that it could be shipped after 4 months of part-time effort. Instead, the project has been completed in about 5.5 months, with additional bugfixes and content on the way.

Playing Kalling Kingdom

In Kalling Kingdom, the player assumes the role of leading the town of Trenn as an individual who has accumulated a great wealth to start their new city. To see the city to prosperity (or ruin), the player will need to make ongoing decisions across 60 turns: making cash offers to attract new people to the city, manage their investments in the marketplace, adjusting city expenses, and ensuring that their unemployed find work by matching them up with new businesses.

There are five buildings in the game which yield different income amounts, cost different prices to build, and have different numbers of workers they can employ: the farm, stable, hotel, restaurant, and weapon maker. The player decides where to place each of these buildings across a green, grassy landscape canvas.

In the journey of running the town, the player will be faced with different decisions and dilemmas in the form of city events like monster attacks, starving travelers seeking refuge, recommendations from city administrators, trade deals, and more. Over the course of the next many weeks, the game will be expanded with new city events and gameplay tweaked based on ongoing testing and player feedback.

Digging In to the Lore of Kalling Kingdom

The game design document for the game outlines the beginnings of a lore that may be expanded in the future. In addition to the outcomes that have resulted from the construction of the project, one of the thoughts in the beginning of development was finding ways to build more emotional connections with the town's inhabitants to the player. Overall, much of that did not happen, but the beginnings of a fictional universe were built to support how city events work in a story, the background of the world as a guiding force for how to add new features and game decisions, and a basis for possible sequels that continue to explore the universe in new ways from other perspectives.

The possibility exists for a new website around the game to be built in the near future that begins to construct more details around the surrounding lore but this is up in the air based on the overall response and success of the game.

More to Come

While this is the official launch of Kalling Kingdom, more improvements are planned and on the way. More updates are to come, and I hope you will stay tuned to hear them. Thank you for reading about the game, and please check it out at KallingKingdom.com.