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Kalling Kingdom Available In Early Access

Elega Corporation is excited to announce that Kalling Kingdom has launched into early access on Itch.io. To celebrate, the game is being launched on sale for 50% off until its planned full game release date on August 31st, 2019. Kalling Kingdom is a fantasy theme, turn-based city building simulation game: make cash offers to attract new citizens to the town, contend with dilemmas and events, invest in the world market, and manage your expenses carefully.

While this is a major milestone for Elega Corporation, a lot of work is still being planned for the game: much of the graphics are not available on day 1 of this early access version but will appear in the days and weeks to come. Gameplay systems and balancing still needs tweaking. There may be a few additional features thrown in before completion as well.

The beginning of this project was inspired by a variety of other games with the goal of producing a product similar in scope to retro titles from the 8-bit era. The goal of this game design is relative simplicity in strategy gameplay, a game that can be played at the player's own pace without time pressure, and multiple paths to prosperity based on the player decisions & goals.

For additional information, check out KallingKingdom.com.