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Elega Corp September 2018 Update

It was kind of impossible with everything going on to get an update video out onto the YouTube channel as we normally like to do, so I figured I'd write a blog post instead to fill everyone in on what's been going on.

Pluralsight, Pluralsight, Pluralsight!

The first thing to mention is that the all new Pluralsight course has officially launched, Salesforce Sharing and Security Fundamentals. You can find it from this website's Pluralsight page. I am so excited to unveil this course, we have worked really hard on it and it took an entire month longer than a typical course takes for us. It features 2 hours and 22 minutes of video content, 19 practice questions for the learner, and downloadable hands-on examples that you can install into your own Salesforce Developer or Scratch Org. This stands as the 4th course produced by Elega Corporation and it fits well into the other courses so far. Pluralsight now has an amazing course catalogue when it comes to Salesforce: we have the legendary Dan Appleman, well known in the Salesforce community as the CTO of Full Circle Insights and author of Advanced Apex Programming in Salesforce. There's Don Robins, one of the veteran Salesforce instructors who has appeared almost everywhere in the Salesforce world, including over 20 Pluralsight Play-by-Plays. And there's Salesforce Technical Architect David Liu, who is well known for his blog SFDC99.com and his Apex Academy course series. It is an honor, a pleasure, and a privilege appearing alongside these authors. Together, I think we have made Pluralsight an unbelievably valuable resource for those wanting to learn Salesforce.

Age of Nomads

Some people might remember Age of Nomads, which is this real-time strategy game that has been on-hold for a really long time now (over a year). No, it is still not cancelled. Yes, it will continue to receive progress eventually. No, it is not happening right this second. However, I have previously discussed the possibility that this game would be made free at some point and I have decided not to proceed forward with that. I think that, at the end of the journey to complete the project, there is a lot of value in the game that will end up at the end of the tunnel. So, I am opting to continue forward with the plan of having the game be sold in online stores. There is no price point right now, nothing new to announce, and no movement on the project as of yet.


The top secret project that has been underway throughout the year is still in motion, and amongst the Pluralsight courses it is being worked on. From this blog post onward and until the end of 2018, I am working hard to try to arrive at an announcement regarding this project. Needless to say, Project Papa is only a codename and not a real product name in the slightest. I have a long history of naming projects by codenames. The Pluralsight courses are actually referring to as Project Edu 4 or in the case of a next one I would do: Project Edu 5, and so on.

A few things I have mentioned about Project Papa in the past: it is written in C#, it is software related, and it is a product meant to be sold. Another few things I can mention: it will be a radical departure from our existing efforts in the realm of education and those who have been following me personally on Twitter , hoping to see something game related, will not be too disappointed, I think. That being said, I can confirm it is not some alternate real-time strategy (RTS) concept that perhaps would have been derived from my efforts previously working on Age of Nomads and its underlying framework called RevelationRTS. The goal of this project will be first and foremost to provide enjoyment to customers, and to inspire the comprehension of a few important life themes like the importance of being yourself. This is all incredibly vague, isn't it? Well, I have to leave it at that for now.

Full speed ahead?

Hopefully, Pluralsight courses will continue (maybe one more before the end of Q4 or perhaps landing in Q1 2019, not sure). This website is also sort of a project: we recently launched this new blog here, implemented HTTPS (security!), began work on a user account system for the future, and have plans to create a bug reporting tool for the software that will inevitably be released. Aside from that, there might be a very small mystery project in the works... but it is all speculative and entered into with great caution. Spreading oneself too thin can result in bad productivity!

For now, I will leave you with that. Thank you for reading, and checking in. More news to come.