Elega Corp January 2019 Update

By Scott Lee
Jan. 6, 2019

This will be an exciting year for Elega Corporation. In this post, I'll follow up on many of the topics covered in the previous [...] Read full article here...

Should You Learn Code Against the Metal in 2019?

By Scott Lee
Dec. 29, 2018

A higher number of people these days than perhaps a decade ago believe that languages like C or C++ are dead. Many in academia have increasingly abandoned C and C variants into the future in fav[...] Read full article here...

Elega Corp November 2018 Update

By Scott Lee
Nov. 24, 2018

Taking a quick break from editing audio on Project Edu 5, the 5th Pluralsight course from me as an author, to write this update. The pace has been pretty furious and admittedly it slowed down a bit into October [...] Read full article here...

C++ And The Fight To Save Close-To-Hardware Coding

By Scott Lee
Nov. 11, 2018

When I began my career in software development, it was like many today: figuratively born into a world of interpreted languages like Python, frameworks like Microsoft .NET, and in which JavaS[...] Read full article here...

Elega Corp September 2018 Update

By Scott Lee
Sept. 30, 2018

It was kind of impossible with everything going on to get an update video out onto the YouTube channel as we normally like to do, so I figured I'd write a blog post instead to fill everyone in on what's been goi[...] Read full article here...

Thinking of Elega Values: Independence

By Scott Lee
Sept. 23, 2018

Hello and welcome from Scott Lee, Director and CEO of Elega Corporation!

While the Elega Corporation website has been around for some time (since early 2017), there has never been a company blog unti[...] Read full article here...

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