Core Values


A long term mutual exchange between a customer and a business cannot work without trust. Trust means transparency, honesty, and holding up integrity even when it is highly difficult to do so. Trust means being open about the terms of a purchase and making the best possible effort to do what is right.


Between the drive and ambition that helps to define passionate people who believe deeply in what they do, energy is a foundation. Motivation must be found at times even in the absence of incentive, amidst the promise that spawns from inspiration.


Elegance is often brought forth from simplicity, and a clear view consciousness. Not all things can be simple, though all design can be reduced to its simplest possible essentials. Simplicity is the root of most efficiency, and efficiency is the root of most productivity. Simplicity should not be confused with a lacking, or a nothingness.


The endless pursuit of knowledge is key to gaining a powerful footprint in the world, and growing the self. Learning could perhaps be synonymous with science, which is based upon the latin word scientia, which means ‘knowledge.’ Learning is best conducted through empiricism, and good rules of reasoning such as logic, statistics, and rationality.


Wherever possible, solutions and projects ought to be self sustaining. Individuals should make use of resources around them, and at times this may extend to collaboration, and mutual exchange. Both in design and in behavior, independence equates to eliminating continuous reliance as far as reasonably possible.

Advisement and Legal

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