Growing up, I tinkered around with lots of technologies and other aspects of web design, making forays into movie making, videogame modding, music, and other creative media. For almost 4 years in my teens, my dream was to design and release videogames. When it came time to pick a career, I was always a bit uncertain when thinking about computer programming. In fact, my first course was on Visual Basic 6 during one high school summer and I could not stand the stuff.

So, I went on through college and graduated with a double major in Psychology and Sociology from the University of Houston in 2012. I was recruited to work for a small business involved in the litigation support industry. Feeling frustrated with the position I was hired to do, I found myself making phone calls in the equivalent of a call center environment there for the first 6 weeks. The frustration was able to subside when I applied for an opening supervisor position and discovered I was capable of assisting in project management. The staff I was over was at one point around 25 specialists.

Seeking to find ways to continue to stand out and open up other opportunities, I sought to automate away my work day and the work days of others. This lead me back into the world of Visual Basic, writing the first code I had written in 5 years by creating Microsoft Excel macros with Visual Basic for Applications (VBA). Management took notice and thought that perhaps they should let me have a shot at developing for the Salesforce platform.

The rest is history. My career since that time has been firmly grounded in software development. Experience lead to writing C# and VB.NET, working with SQL Server and more advanced integrations. I wrote many thousands of lines of code for Salesforce and created powerful utilities that would yield over $35,000 in annual costs savings in infinite perpetuity. I have since moved on to studying Python, Django, various algorithms used in machine learning, other databases, and many other cutting edge technologies.

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